Complaints of Direct Express Debit Card

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There have been a lot of complaints coming in against US Direct Express Debit Card. We are gonna look at the top three complaints and how to deal with it.


Difficulty In Reaching Out To Direct Express Customer Service

If you follow this article link you’ll find the article on how to talk to a live person at Direct Express Customer Service. You will find, from the comment section in particular, that USDirectExpress cardholders have a tough time finding help from Direct Express customer service.

It’s difficult to get through to Direct Express customer service in the first place, top that up with unwilling and unhelpful customer service representatives; it’ll leave you pulling your hair in frustration.

So if you want to avoid all these hassles, please go through our comment section in the given link. You can learn about various tricks and tips practiced by other Direct Express card holders to get their issues successfully resolved.


US Direct Express Card Replacement Issues

The process of getting a replacement Express card has been a matter of a big headache for many US Direct Express cardholders.

When your USDirectExpress card is lost or stolen, you would want a replacement card ASAP so that you can carry on with your purchases; therefore, we suggest that you go through our article on How to Get Your Lost/Stolen/Expired Card Replaced.


USDirectExpress Dispute Resolution Time

When you have disputable charges on your US Direct Express card, you call up customer service and expect them to expedite the process to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, though, that’s not how Direct Express Dispute Resolution works.

They will send you a form to fill in and mail them back (or Fax them) just so that they can begin their investigation. And if the mail gets lost in transit, the entire process needs to be re-initiated.

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