Social Security Benefit Payments Schedule 2017

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Here, we will be talking about your Social Security Benefit Payments Schedule for 2017.

This report has been obtained directly from the Social Security Administration’s website.

If you started receiving your SSI payments benefits before 1 May 1997, it’s fairly easy to ascertain your federal benefit payment date.

But things get slightly complicated if your benefits started after 1 May 1997. Here your date of birth starts playing an important role in determining when you receive your express card payment benefits.

Please refer to the table below for your federal benefits payment schedule 2017. Or download a PDF format here.

If you do not receive your Social Security benefit payments by the due date, please allow 3 working days before you reach out to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Chances of SSA missing your SSI payments is very less, this is why you are requested to allow that 3 days before taking any action; it might well be a delay at your Bank’s end.

You can take necessary steps if your benefits don’t get credited into your direct express account even after these 3 days have passed (post the schedule payment date).

You could also share your experience on this as that could help other direct express card holders in similar situations. And if you need more information, refer to this page for the guide.