Top Social Security Questions Answered by Video

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Your Social Security can get a bit tricky at times, especially given its complicated rules.

People who are already receiving federal benefit payment may still have queries pertaining to the length of the program, the increase or decrease in the amount, what Congress will do to protect Social Security Benefit payments, etc.

In case you are new to Social Security Benefit payments, there are a few videos compiled to help you with queries you may have.


The Ten-Question Social Security Benefit Payments Quiz

This video will test how much you really know about Social Security Benefit Payments. Mass Mutual Life Insurance found out that only 28%, of the 1500 adults, could score the passing grade in their 10-Question Social Security Quiz that had to be answered in true or false.

Only ONE person could answer all of them correctly.


How Do Social Security Benefit payments really Work?

In this video, you will learn a great deal about how social security Benefit payments work; right from the day it started, to how it changed over the years, the benefit amount one can get, the different categories of people (such as children, spouse, and people with disability) that have been added to the program.


How to Maximize My Social Security Benefit Payments Income?

This video is slightly on the longer side, but it’s worth your time. It will help you learn strategies for maximizing social security benefit payments and income.

We will keep posting more videos as and when we come across them. Those videos will have all information related to your Social Security Benefit payments, so watch out for this space.

Here is the Social Security Benefit Payments Schedule 2017, if you need the information.