USDirectExpress Fees & Charges

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First up, let’s take a look at where your US Direct Express Debit Card is accepted and then move on to USDirectExpress fees and charges.

To keep it short, all merchant, e-commerce, and financial establishments that accept Debit MasterCard will accept your US Direct Express card. And just to be on the safer side, please check with the merchant before you use your Express card.

Some examples where you can use your US Direct Express Debit MasterCard to make payments are utilities and rent (as long as the company accepts debit card payments), cash withdrawals from ATMs, and online & over-the-phone purchases.

Here’ a list of things you can do with your US Direct Express card, for free.

And here’s a list (with rates) of things where you are charged for using your USDirectExpress card.

So these lists should give you an idea of the various things you can do with your express card for free, and with a fee. Some of the interesting ones are free cash withdrawals across the United States; free balance inquiry, transaction history, and Direct Express ATM usage; cash back offers; Direct Express customer service assistance; etc.

You are also given one free Express card replacement every year if you lose it, this will ensure that you don’t incur a charge when you request a card replacement once a year; other prepaid debit card companies charge upwards of $25 if you request a card replacement.

Click here to find out where free Direct Express ATM locations are. And this help guide for more information about USDirectExpress.