Way for Direct Express Debit MasterCard Sign Up

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Direct Express Debit MasterCard is where the US Federal Treasury Department deposits your Federal Benefit pPayments This process was introduced to do away with the age-old practice of handing out paper checks; Comerica Bank issues this Express card.

Since the US Treasury Department has made it mandatory for Federal Benefits to be disbursed electronically; your options are USDirectExpress debit MasterCard Account,

or a direct deposit to a savings/checking account that is maintained either by a Bank or the Credit Union.

And if you do not comply with this law, be ready to hear from the US Treasury Department.

So if you’ve decided to use USDirectExpress Account for your Federal Benefit Payments; click this link here to sign up.

Click the link page to learn about the different Federal benefits associated with the Direct Express Debit Card.

Apart from Social Security Benefit Payments; you can also get other Federal Benefits such as VA Compensation/Pension, OPM, RRB Annuity, etc. paid directly onto your Direct Express Card. If you have more concern about the US Direct Express Card, read the post guide of it.